Build value from the ground up.

With a sweet spot for the middle market.

Prosperity within reach, Forum-style.

Over the last decade, income growth for many American families has not kept pace with rising housing prices, resulting in a shortage of affordable options for much of the country’s working population. Forum is committed to making well-designed homes within reach for more Americans without sacrificing returns to lenders and investors. We dig deep to understand what our residents want and need and provide a strategic brand experience to match.



We focus on more attainable, middle-market housing for a growing yet overlooked renter population — the “Missing Middle.” This allows us to generate income and build long-term value for our residents and investors.

Value Plus

The Missing Middle:

Our development strategy focuses on a growing segment of the renter population: the “Missing Middle”.


The workforce housing category is the red slice, representing approximately 58% to 123% of the U.S. median income of $60,336. The graphic excludes segments with no income or rent and those making less than $20,000 per year.

*Source: CBRE Research, U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 2017 data released Q3 2018. Households based on renter housing units. Includes both single-family and multifamily units. The Census reported a total of 43.4 million renter households in 2017.