Forum Real Estate Group has built a track record of high-performance real estate investments by investing our capital alongside yours, targeting the right locations, researching and connecting with our target audience then delivering a priceless property experience to match.

Structured for smart returns.

We empower our partners with diverse ways to invest by buying right, managing risk and creating value at the asset level through four distinctive portfolio collections. Each targets specific markets, opportunities and growth potential.

  • Multifamily Development
  • Marquee Locations in Primary Markets
  • Branded, Highly Amenitized
  • Long-Term Growth & Value Creation
  • Core/Core+ Multifamily Acquisition
  • Primary/Secondary Markets
  • Lower Initial Yields with Higher Long-Term Growth Potential
  • Lower Target Leverage
  • Higher Barrier to Entry


* At times, Forum may acquire an asset requiring a major value-add, for which Forum would utilize the most attractive financing options available

  • Multifamily Acquisition Below Replacement Cost
  • Secondary/Tertiary Markets
  • Higher Initial Yields with Stable, Recurring Cash Flow
  • Long-Term Debt with High DSCR
  • Purchased at a Substantial Discount to Replacement Costs
  • Opportunistic Commercial Acquisition or Development
  • Marquee Locations
  • JV/Build-to-Suit
  • Long-Term Growth & Value Creation

We’re set up for investors to thrive.

We pursue immediate, dependable and growing cash flow to generate returns. Investing our own capital alongside yours ensures our interests are one and the same.

We buy assets we know in neighborhoods we understand.

We do this to create standout value for our investors, residents and customers. That’s the mission, passion, and commitment behind our people and our properties.

If it’s not special, it’s invisible.

Every Forum property is branded with a thoughtful, hands-on approach that’s tailored to its specific market. We keep moving the finish line on great experiences rather than following the herd.







By finding what’s next. By forging new paths. By smarter thinking and deeper insights. By growing, progressing and getting sharper. By being independent, creative and inventive. By looking to the future and not following. By continually delivering something different. Something better. Something great.

That’s forward. That’s FORUM.